Flushing, New York
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My fiancé and I went to Modell’s on Main Street, Flushing at 6:20pm on October 14. When we checked out, we found that one of the pants’ clearance sticker was being peeled off.

The original price showed $15.99. We tried to explain to the female associate that We got the pants at the clearance area. She scanned the ticket, told me that the pants actually was $20.99, higher than the original price. So we asked to speak to a supervisor.

This man named Enrique came by, has a very condescending tone, “ I can give you for $15.99, that’s it!” I replied, “but I found this in clearance area and if you touch the ticket, it still feels the sticky label has been taken off! Enrique replied with very unprofessional and annoyed tone, “ I can only give you the ticket price, take it or leave it.” I have never seen an associate with such unprofessional gesture towards customer. He was not the supervisor but he tried to show he was so powerful and dominant. We refused to purchase anything and left with sour experience.

Please investigate this matter. Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Modells Sporting Goods Customer Care.

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